Men & Women of the Raven

So just what does a Viking look like... for that matter just what does a 21st Century person look like. When faced with the challenge of finding this out, a little more history of the person is required. Where do they come from, are they rich or poor, what job do they do? etc helps. As practically everything we own has been handmade especially for the task, we take pains to match up all the relevant information and get things as right as we can. The story behind the characters helps to shape that image, and hopefully produce a far more convincing effect. Some of the members of the group have their own stories, the history of the group gets woven into this, events from the present, battles we re-enact all cross. I hope that others within the group will add to the stories here, or at least think a little more about who they become.

So who are we? Well let me tell you about some of our members...

The Manaraefan at home


And in camp

Hrothgar Bokraeder, son of Gilthor the Sailor, son of Starkadar Red Hair, son of Hrolf Fleet Foot, son of Orlief the Lost, son of Grim the Wise, son of Einar Farter, son of Hrothgar Long Thumb.

Konungr, Hersir and Warrior of Renown.

Hrothgar Bokraeder is a strong fighter and veteran of many conflicts, although old, he has the vitality of a child, he is the Konungr of the Host. Hrothgar is also a very learned man, and can both read and write. Grumpy Gunghosson has chronicled his life in much detail in Hrothgar’s Saga and Hrothgar will recount his deeds to you at any opportunity.

Valgard Toebreaker.

Jarl and Hersir.

Valgard is a mighty warrior with many battles and dinners under his belt.  He has broken more weapons than any other warrior.  A big man and loud he has a keen brain and a big heart.  Likes to sit near the fire drinking with his fellow warriors as they tell tall tales of their great deeds. 

Sigurd Drum the Un-horsed.

Jarl to Konungr Hrothgar Gilthorson, Hersir and Warrior of Renown.

Sigurd sees to the safety of the Manaraefan and ensures they are healthy.  He advises both Sturaesman Harald and Konungr Thorgrim Sigmundson on such matters.  Deadly with axe and bow but he doesn’t see eye to eye with horses.

Sigurd has travelled far and wide, he has led raids as far a way as Italy.  Often seen leading the archers of the Host.

Bohn Aelfricsson.

Thegn and Leech.

Bohn (often mispronounced “Bob”, for reasons unknown) is something of a jack of all trades.  An experienced if small-statured warrior, his short spear has savaged the legs of many an unsuspecting enemy, usually from beneath the shields of his taller comrades.  In the village, he is often to be found teaching less-experienced members of the Host how to prepare food and play with fire without poisoning themselves or setting anyone alight.

Mo Swinhosson.


A steady warrior, always ready to take his place in the shieldwall.  A highly competent blacksmith he ensures all the Manaraefan’s weapons are sharp and ready.

Harald Ulfketilsson.

Jarl to Konungr Hrothgar.

A doughty fighter and warrior leader.  Often to be found at the front of the Host or standing in the Konungr’s hearth troop.  His strong sword arm has earned him a great wealth of experience and gold.  His foes always the poorer in blood and treasure.

Ulf Jug Seeker.


A young warrior, the future of the Manaraefan.  Already has a reputation as a reliable and competent warrior.  Has been fatally underestimated by some.  Keen and enthusiastic he will be a great warrior, if he lives!  Seeks the for the finest jugs.

Disaelfr Raefnsdottir.


While specialising in textile crafts she also helps prepare meals for the hungry warriors.  Keeps the keys to the Manaraefan’s treasure box safe.

Kormak the Carter.


Another Dark Age technician willing to experiment with any technology from primitive boats to metal smelting.   As a warrior he uses his speed and agility to avoid danger, but  his years are catching up with him and soon his enemies will too!

Katla Kettilsdottir.


A renowned cook who often keeps the warriors of the Manaraefan well fed.  Wife of Sigurd Drum the Un-horsed.

Styrkar Rattle Snake.

Thegn, Horse Mistress to Konungr Thorgrim Simundson

Warrior and archer.  Striking with deadly speed many a dead man has fatally underestimated her.

Rollo Ale Spiller.


Having sailed from Denmark Rollo made no delay in joining the Manaraefan and taking his place in the  battle line.  He has proved a useful addition to the Manaraefan’s fighting strength but has shown a worrying inability to hold onto his ale!

Sara of Liss.

Jarl to Konungr Hrothgar Gilthorson.

Richly dressed she can usually be found running Harald Ulfketilsson’s household as is her right and duty as his wife.  She also keeps the keys to Konungr Hrothgar Gilthorson’s treasure chest.

Njal Ericsson The Tall.


Always ready to take his place in the shieldwall just so long as he is well fed.  Assistant to Bohn Aelfricsson he carries out all the heavy work.

Vikings for all occasions, no meal too big

Manaraefan Herred

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Red Orm the Aged.


A warrior of  great skill and fine grooming who is always prepared to drink long into the night and share his many experiences with those less blessed with years.

Thorgrim Liefricsson.


Thorgrim was introduced to the Viking way many years ago by two friends Hrothgar Bearface and Ragnar the Red, who had left Manareafan to form a crew of their own. Thorgrim is now an imposing figure on the battlefield, happiest when planted solidly in the front rank of a shield-wall towering over his enemies. He is also a keen craftsman, working with wood, antler and leather. Thorgrim was sturaesman of the FafnirsBane, a crew of merchants and Viking mercenaries who travelled the coast of Wessex looking for silver.

Alas the ship floundered in a fog and the surviving crew dispersed to go their own ways.  Thorgrim and his wife Tolla, then travelled with their full household far to the south in search of the riches of Miklagard. However, after nearly four years the politics, heat and dust of the southern lands were too much for Thorgrim and the silver and battles glories too few so they returned to Wessex and have pledged themselves to Manareafan.

Thorgrim and Tolla have a young son, a future warrior of renown, who has already earned himself the nick-name ‘Troll-slayer’ for his mighty exploits on the battlefield even as a child.

Tolla Mairsdottier.


Tolla is a tablet weaver and acted as treasurer to the crew of the Fafnirsbane. She has good fast footed skills with a blade, though some put her success down to the bowel loosening manic grin she wears whenever she is on the battlefield…could there be a berserker frenzy hiding behind that alarming grin?

Tolla and her husband Thorgrim, travelled with their household far to the south in search of the riches of Miklagard. Not long after their arrival she took a head wound in battle and a week later found she was with child. After nearly four years for they knew the streets of the southern land were not paved in gold and with kith and kin so far away to the north Tolla and Thorgrim returned to Wessex and pledged themselves to Manareafan.

Thorgrim and Tolla have a young son, a future warrior of renown, who has already earned himself the nick-name ‘Troll-slayer’ for his mighty exploits on the battlefield even as a child.

Here he stands resplendent in his best kirtle and shining coat of mail, his sword Wendsbane at his side.

Between battles, Bohn may be found using his captured silver to make jewellery with Jon the silversmith.  He also acts as the Manaraefan’s leech or doctor, and possesses a fine set of surgical implements, which may occasionally be put to a secondary use of scaring information out of enemy prisoners.