Kiddie Vike

Vikings for all occasions, no foe too short!

Manaraefan Herred

Kiddie Vike is an opportunity for the children that watch our performances to test the metal of our bravest warriors.† It takes great courage on the part of a Viking warrior to face a hoard of three to four foot high berserk warriors with no sense of fear and a burning desire to strike their opponents down and jump on their bodies!

Not all Vikings are up to the challenge and find the call to flee too strong and make off as fast as they can.

Some of our most experienced warriors attempt to take control of the child hoard!† The children are armed with a shield and wooden sword and given some basic instruction and advise on tactics.† Why these warriors bother canít be determined, certainly the children take little notice once they have been let loose on the Viking warriors!

All the adults taking part keep a close watch on what is going on for both their own safety and that of the children.† Any parents that wish to accompany their children, advisable in the case of the smaller ones, are welcome to help.

Manaraefan and The Vikings are proud of their reputation as a family friendly organisation.† There are opportunities for the children of members to take part in many of our activities around the camp and they seem to enjoy themselves.†

As they grow older there are some opportunities for them to take part in the battles, from the age of 13 they are called Frostri and , under the supervision of an adult, can take part in the battle tending the wounded, taking water to the warriors in the lulls and acting as messengers.†

When they are 16 they are known as Svein and can take their place in the battle line but must stay next to their combat mentor at all times, they finally graduate to full warriors at the age of 18.

Though Manaraefan and The Vikings have high standards of authenticity we do not believe in inflicting our hobby on small children, their needs must come first and if you suddenly need to produce a modern bottle or nappy for your child then so be it.† We ask that our members make an effort to keep such things from view in our camps but most parents will know that there comes a time when the childís needs are urgent!

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