More Men & Women of the Raven

So just what does a Viking look like... for that matter just what does a 21st Century person look like. When faced with the challenge of finding this out, a little more history of the person is required. Where do they come from, are they rich or poor, what job do they do? etc. helps. As practically everything we own has been handmade especially for the task, we take pains to match up all the relevant information and get things as right as we can. The story behind the characters helps to shape that image, and hopefully produce a far more convincing effect. Some of the members of the group have their own stories, the history of the group gets woven into this, events from the present, battles we re-enact all cross. I hope that others within the group will add to the stories here, or at least think a little more about who they become.

So who are we? Well let me tell you about some more of our members...

The Manaraefan at home


And in camp

Njal the Taller.


Taller than Njal the Tall he is very handy to have in the shield wall or as a look out.

Ragnar Haraldsson.


An archer and long suffering husband of Oeif Gudrunsdottir. Ragnar has lost his family who lived on the Hardangevidda in Norway, when they were killed in a raid by rival vikings. He has one surviving son called Arness whom he has been searching for in Southern England after rummours of a sighting in Hamwick. Arness went 'a viking' at  16 before the raid.

Ragnar has forsaken wearing tokens of his gods as they failed to protect his family whilst he was out hunting. He is considering the new God along with Oeif as this warrior God puts more emphasis on protection than vengeance.

 Bjornhelm the Trouser-Full.


A stout warrior with a strong arm, stands proudly with the Konungrs’ Hearth Troop as well as Manaraefan.  Prone to accidents and sartorial indiscretions.

Vikings for all occasions, no meal too big

Manaraefan Herred

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Agier Sigvisson.


When not busy trading on the high seas, Agier can be seen bolstering the ranks of the sheildwall.

Eirik Sigurdsson?


A  doughty young warrior with a disarming smile, don’t be fooled lest your guts be spilled.  If  she throws down her shield and issues a challenge find an archer to shoot her!

Manaraefan Italy.

In the spring of the year 1006, Sigurd and Katla ventured forth into mainland Europe where in the land of Italy, they met and found much favour with the local host. In October that year, a goodly number of their new Italian friends joined the Konungrs host and fought valiantly at Senlac ridge.

The following year, 1007, Sigurd, Valgard Toebreaker, Njal the Taller, Erik Sigurdson and others of the Raven with some other friends from the host went forth into Italy where many new friends were made and much training given. So impressed with the Men of the Raven were the Italians that they clamoured to offer allegiance and fight under the Raven banner which Valgard gladly accepted.

Again in 1008 Manaraefan went forth into the Italian lands and there with their friends did battle at Cuneo and Legnano; so mighty were the Raven that all who faced them trembled at their coming. Much blood was split and many new friends made. On this venture were Sigurd, Katla, Njal the taller, Hlinnoss Raefansdotta, Njal the Tall and Bohn Aelfricsson. Thorsten the Simple, the Wend was also there with his family.

In 2009, Sigurd, Katla, Njal the Taller, Hlinnoss Raefansdotta and Hori Hjort went forth to consolidate our holdings and offer training.

The men of Italy number many, and goes from strength to strength every year.

Dagfiend Scoffa.


Dagfiend displays many domestic skills but has also shown skill at arms.



A warrior with a reputation to make.

Oeif Gudrunsdottir.


Oeif and Ragnar met in Hamwick. Ragnar needed money and Oeif  needed a protector after the death of her husband.  They  found 'solace' in each other, the trader in glassware from The Rhine and the 'rough' woodsman. Differences in rank were lost in their mutual mourning and comfort!!! Sometimes the differences in their rank manifest in their public bickering about their roles in life, family, work and expectations!

Oeif’s daughter from a previous marriage is Tovi Oeifsdottir.

Uthgar Thorgrimsson.


A courageous warrior always to be found close beside his lord.  His few words always carry deep meaning and great wisdom.

Urracan Puncher.


A skilled seamstress and embroiderer from exotic lands, few Vikings have journeyed as far.



Born to a Viking father and Celtic mother, Hermod is keen to bolster the ranks of the Manaraefan battle line, and intends to journey towards more northern lands in search of further adventure and to learn the mysterious arts of metal working.

Jon Sølvsmie .


Or Jon the Silver smith, he can often be seen happy with a hammer and anvil trying to seek an inexpensive apprentice from among the visitors to camp, seeing them demonstrate their skills making penanular, pins or bead mounts.  Jon is has discovered that following the men of the raven has many advantages, the obvious benefit of a successful band of Vikings being they provide ready access to silver from their slain enemies, but also the celebration of their success with more visible signs of status such as silver arm bands and pendants.  “Long may it last” you will here him mutter, and his other more constant refrain of  "they should buy more of my beads for their women folk!".  The other great advantage of following the men of the raven is the security benefit it brings, it is no secret his mercenary Hermod who has accompanied him on trading missions keeps threatening to leave for the north where the rewards are greater.   If you know of a good apprentice, or a reliable warrior come and see Jon, good victuals provided.