Corporate Clothing

Vikings for all occasions, no clothing too green

Manaraefan Herred

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It is not always appropriate or desirable to wear Viking clothing, but we do still want to display a corporate identity, for this reason members of Manaraefan may purchase items of clothing with the Manaraefan logo on. Currently available are fleeces, t-shirts and water-proof jackets but most other items of clothing are available on request, please contact Roger Barry who will establish the cost of unlisted items. As demand increases the new items will be added to this site.

Prices for adult clothing will cover UK tax, setup costs for any additional designs and a small revenue raising element to cover the website expenses.

Cost for children's cloths will vary on size and does not include UK tax and will be sold on at cost price.

Detail of Manaraefan Logo

Fleece - 20

T-Shirt - 9

Water-Proof Jacket - 30

A hood is incorporated in the collar.