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Vikings for all occasions, no clothing too green

Manaraefan Herred

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I offer a choice of re-enactment clothing and accessories of Viking, Saxon, Norman, Birca, and Russ styles.  All work is hand made.

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Female Birca coat

Male Birca coat

Double wool and Herring bone embroidery

Gloves and fingerless gloves are 100% wool and Naalbinded

Socks are Crocheted 100% wool.

An alternative to the Naalbinding.

They have been okayed by the Vikings Authenticity Officers

100% wool hats

Kirtles with or without embroidery, Linen or wool

Viking  Chains

These are Silver plated and affordable, pendants are not included


All embroidery is done with silk or cotton thread, on wool or linen.