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Manaraefan Herred

Tolla Mairsdottier,




Home of Dark Age/Early Medieval Re-enactment

The Manaraefan Herred is part of the largest Viking Age (AD793-1066) re-enactment society in the British Isles - The Vikings. There are many groups spread throughout the country, we cover Surrey, Hampshire and Wiltshire in our membership. For details of a group closer to home visit the Society's website at:

The pages on this website aim to provide information about Manaraefan and it activities, as well as some history about the Vikings, especially in relation to their involvement and influence on Great Britain and Ireland.

The menu options on the left will take you to the various parts of the site. Feel free to browse and learn something about the history of these islands, and about a few of the people who aim to bring it to life in the modern age.

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Hrothgar Bokraeder,


Warrior Of Renown


Extreme Viking

Njal the Taller,


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Manaraefan gathering in Viking camp at Old Sarum

Warriors of Manaraefan take their place in the shieldwall of the Host

Some of the Manaraefan

Konungr Hrothgar at Oundle Banquet

Some of the Manaraefan a few years later!